You are not alone

In March 2020 the pandemic also reached our country and in the 7 months passed since it has had many negative impacts on the lives of all of us. Since the spring quarantine nothing is the same as it used to be and this change can also be felt regarding our social relationships as well. Some cope with the new situation more easily, for others it is more difficult to get by. In our changed world it is extremely important to watch out for ourselves and each other, to make our family members, friends feel that they are not alone. Are you ready for some tips on how to preserve your relationships, internal strength during the pandemic?

Everybody is impacted, but it does matter how we respond. Compared to your lifestyle before, most probably you are also feeling uncertainty, fear or at least some kind of change. But what can be your symptoms? You can easily:

  • be worried about your own or your loved ones' health or wealth
  • be afraid of losing your job or your everyday helpers
  • find it more difficult to concentrate
  • have chronic health issues
  • have changed sleeping or eating habits
  • have a less stable mental health
  • smoke cigarettes or grab some alcohol more often.

You might feel extremely in danger if you:

  • live on your own
  • are elder or you are worried about your children's healthy growth
  • are lacking money
  • are a woman
  • were struggling with mental issues already before the pandemic
  • do not have a regular home or are fighting some kind of addiction.

One thing is sure: in this extraordinary period is it more important than ever to care about your social relationships, preserve your inner balance. If you ever feel lonesome, the following tips can help you to live through the tough moments more easily and connect to the world surrounding you:


You might not be able to meet at all or just rarely these days, still don't hesitate to call your family members / friends or message them! You can organize common programmes online as well: who would not be happy for a family quiz or a video call together? The point is being continuously connected and care for each other as much as possible.


The new circumstances have changed the lives of all of us, You might not even think that your nearest family members or best friends are struggling with issues similar to yours. Let them know what is heavy on your heart - someone who really knows you and loves you will most probably be happy that you were sincere and might as well be able to help you. If needed you can also turn to an expert: as a coach I am also happy to listen to you and guide you.


In our sped up world we are impacted by so many different stimuli that it is difficult to live up to everyone's expectations. If because of the current situation you spend even more time online, the danger might emerge that you would compare yourself to others and set up unrealistic expectations towards yourself. Right now less might as well be more. For example, I have looked through my targets from the beginning of the year recently and anyhow I hurry, I have to admit that due to the changed circumstances I will not be able to meet all of them, still I do not worry too much about this right now. The point is that considering the opportunities I have done what I could and the rest will fall into place.


If you used to start your mornings with some exercise or you always picked up your son from school after work or you probably went on a hike with your family once in a month and you can still do it, do not give up these habits! Although many things are changing, everyone needs some fix points in their lives, which they can build upon.


If every week you set up 2-3 fix timeslots, which you dedicate to training, you can easily strengthen your old connections or find new ones. At many places online trainings are available, even group classes or right now you still have the opportunity to run or hike outdoors, with a smaller company.


It can easily be that thanks to the virus your values have also changed and you would now be happy to help others pro bono as well. Find some voluntary work, get in touch with new people - you might as well get your selfless help back later, probably when you expect it the least.


Additionally to sports, other common activities can also be the bases for the birth of new friendships. You can take part in online workships, join a selfhelp group or religious community, share what you read in a group or talk about the joys and difficulties of raising your children.


If you find it difficult to build relationships with others, look around online: there are numerous useful articles, books available, which can help you to develop yourself and get connected to the world more easily.


I bet you are also challenged by the tons of information you face day by day thanks to your friends, the media and various social media sites. Watch out: not everything is what it seems. It is important to get informed only from credible sources and not to overburden yourself unnecessarily with news being utter rubbish.


The world around you changes day by day, so most probably you are also not completely the same person you were in the beginning of the year any more. Still, stick to your basic values, the people important to you, since one day this pandemic will also be over and then you can be the happy one who will have fought all obstacles and become the winner of this long lasting battle.

Friendly regards,

Károly Vizdák

lifestyle change & career coach

motivational advisor

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