See what my clients say about me

Piroska Sz.-P.

CEO, Taoinvest Group Ltd.

"What I found the most impressive when working together with Károly was the maximal attention. At the sessions I felt like I am free to share anything since I get the attention, I am understood and helped to be able to concentrate on my own thoughts. With his questions he helps me keep the focus, with his patience and endless calmness he creates a unique and relaxed atmosphere, where you enjoy being and working."

Johanna Sz.

E-commerce & Marketing Freelancer

"Working together with Károly is really relaxing: I feel like he accepts me with my complexities and in the meantime he understands my need to develop. Calmness comforted our sessions and this way it was much easier for me to believe in being able to change and plan, take ownership of my blockages related to work."

Szilvia Gy.

Marketing Manager

"What are your main expectations of a coaching session? As for myself, I would like to be completely accepted, allowed to work at my own pace and believe in my coach. Károly's acceptance, patience, kindness, love of human comfort the sessions, you can sit back, relax and be yourself. At the same time, his creative questions help you to work at your own pace towards your set objectives."

Krisztina D.

EEFT Chief Controller, Euronet Worldwide

"The first thing that always comes into my mind about Károly is that with his determination, proactiveness and stamina he changed his own life. Using this experience with his stable, relaxed and persistent character, targeted questions and eye to small details he will help you find your way, too."

Alexandra M.

Student, HR / Budapest Metropolitan University

"During the coaching program I have learned what holds me back from the life I long for and Károly lead me to figure out my answers. He did not tell me the solution, he just listened and observed. My question was: 'so now what's next?' The answer: 'you tell me'! It was my pleasure working together with Károly. What have I learned? Everyone knows the answers but sometimes we need professional listeners."

Judit V., Ph. D.

Section Leader/Credit Risk Portfolio Management, Raiffeisen Bank Hungary

"Károly translated my Ph.D. thesis in economics from Hungarian to English. His works is precise and thorough, I loved working with him. I would like to highlight his exceptional conscientiousness, he always kept the agreed deadlines and carried out his then-current tasks sparing no effort. Based on these experiences, I would be happy to entrust him with further professional translational projects."

Szilvia B.-M., Ph. D.

Assistant University Professor, John von Neumann University, Faculty of Economy

"The translations of Károly Vizdák have always proved to be perfect help for me. He works quickly, precisely, thoroughly. He always sets his eyes on the deadlines, has never been late with his tasks. His translations are professionally accurate, I have been completely satisfied with them."