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In the past few weeks I have had more clients, in case of whom we touched upon the topic of time management during the common work. What kind of experiences do you have in this area? Do you often run our of time or everything always goes smoothly, everything gets done on time and you arrive everywhere as per the schedule? If you do not yet have a 100% working system, my tips from today might help you as well.

Unfortunately I do not have enough time for anything at my workplace... I need someone to guide me and help me in managing my time well... Besides this lot of work I do not have time for my private life, my healthy work-life balance gets ruined... Have you recognized yourself? What is your biggest problem regarding time management? I have a few ideas about how to create an order in the chaos:

  • REVIEW YOUR EVERYDAYS - Take a look at what is operating well and where you waste most of your time! Skip those activities, which consume too much of your time!
  • PLAN YOUR LIFE - Organize your week in advance! If you are done with it, take a look at the following day every evening! Stick to your plan and do not let anything/anyone distract you from the really important things!
  • BE WELL ORGANIZED - Put together a system and do not let chaos take control of you! Utilize your day efficiently and create an order around you!
  • USE TIME MANAGEMENT TOOLS - Always have a calendar of a software at hand - on your laptop, mobile phone or in your bag, so that you could track when and what to do!
  • GET RID OF TIME CONSUMING OBSTACLES - Is your day built upon 90% unnecessary meetings? Feel free to attend only the most important ones! The ones not being that important you can decline or postpone for later!
  • FORGET ABOUT STRIVING FOR PERFECTION ALL THE TIME - Do not try to plan, organize every day perfectly including the very last minute! Get a bit more relaxed, do not try to overload yourself with programmes, you do not have to meet everyone's needs!
  • TAKE BREAKS - From 8 am till 5 pm (or even later)... well, the day can be really long. Try to include at least 10 minutes of break in each hour and always leave enough time for meals as well! It might be attractive to skip the lunch every once in a while, but in the long term be prepared for the negative consequences!
  • DO NOT TRY TO GET EVERYTHING DONE AT THE SAME TIME - It is a common problem especially of leaders that they try to tackle more tasks at the same time (this is the so-called multitasking). Do not try to carry the weight of the whole world on your shoulders, strive for finishing your tasks gradually, at times even slowing down a bit! If you happen to do too many things at the same time for too long, in the end you might even burn out.
  • SET DEADLINES - I will write this e-mail by this deadline, I will attend this meeting the latest until this date. If you set deadlines, you will be less likely not able to finish your more important tasks on time. Pay attention:do not want to overschedule yourself and try to commit yourself to too many things within a short time!
  • LEARN TO SAY NO - Do all your colleagues want to schedule a meeting with you on the very same day? Are you feeling tired, but your friend calls you late in the evening, because he doesn't have anyone to pour out his soul to? If all this is already too much, feel free to say no! In the beginning it might be tough, but as you gain more and more experience, you will be able to do it without remorse.
  • PUT ASIDE YOUR E-MAILS, YOUR MOBILE PHONE - You do not have to be on standby the whole day and be always available to everyone! Dedicate 30-60 minutes from your morning and the same amount from your afternoon to reviewing and answering your e-mails, feel free to spend the rest of your time on other tasks! In the evenings just switch off your mobile phone, you also need some me-time!
  • DO EVERYTHING AS IT IS THE BEST FOR YOU - When you plan your days do it so that it would be the best for you! Well, you might as well have certain commitments, which you cannot avoid, but try to manage your time so that in the end you would be feeling well!

Friendly regards,

Károly Vizdák

lifestyle change & career coach

motivational advisor


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