The Top 5 books I have read in 2021


If you've been following my blog for a longer time, you surely know that at the end of each year I put together a year-end post in which I usually give a brief overview of why I was grateful for that year. 2021 is no different, although this time I am looking at the last 12 months from a slightly different perspective than before. I'd like to briefly introduce you to the books, which have had the biggest impact on me this year. Looking at the compilation, I can't deny my coaching/self-improvement interest, that's for sure. I hope you'll enjoy reading the compilation and next year some of the books will be your favorite ones as well. Please see the Top 5 as follows:

1. Robin Sharma: Everyday Hero Manifesto (2021)

There are few writers who I have had the good fortune to read practically their entire catalogue, but Robin Sharma is undeniably one of them. Since he wrote his first success book, The Monk who sold his Ferrari in 1999, nearly a dozen of his books have been published in Hungary. Over the past 25 years, the author has contributed to the success of billionaires, business superstars, sports stars and public figures as their mentor. His latest work, The Everday Hero Manifesto, now makes this system available to a wider audience, meaning you can also get a guide on how to become a master of your own life. You've decided to start a new life several times, and yet you've always hit the walls? Robin Sharma's book helps you to break down these walls, it gives you good advices on how to take your everyday life to a higher level, even in these turbulent times.

2. Jay Shetty: Think like a Monk (2021)

The life of Jay Shetty is not ordinary. According to his family, a person's career can manifest in three different ways: either he will become a doctor, a lawyer, or in the worst case he will fail. Well, our hero rebut his closest loved ones, for instead of graduating, he traveled to India, where a completely different life awaited him. For 3 years he lived his daily life among monks, where he spent 4-8 hours a day meditating and helping people. On the advice of one of his teachers, he then returned to London, where he used his wisdom and experience in the Far East to support the greatest businessmen and public figures. By 2017, Forbes had named him one of the most significant influencers worldwide, by 2018 he had the most watched video on Facebook and more than 38 million followers on his social networking sites. The book Think Like a Monk provides helpful tips to calm your thoughts, detach yourself from the expectations and the negativity of your environment, and enjoy a much more fulfilled life that suits you.

3. Matthew McConaughey: Greenlights (2020)

Matthew McConaughey has been one of my big favorites as an actor for years, thanks to his roles in such successful films as The Ghosts of Girlfriends' Past, The Lincoln Lawyer or even the Oscar winner Dallas Buyers Club. Thanks to his versatile talent and interest in addition to his acting career, he has also been active in the world of politics in recent years and has written his first book, entitled Greenlights. Although this is a book published in 2020, I read it this year and it has become one of my favorites in 2021. Greenlights showcases the most important stages, joyful and sad moments of the star's first 50 years of life, in its distinctive McConaughey style. With the help of the book, you can identify the red or yellow lights of your life and turn them into green ones - that is, it also gives you the opportunity to live a fairer, more stress-free, more meaningful life, in short: you can become a better person.

4. Csaba Braskó: Muse (2021)

One of the biggest self-help book successes of the last decade in Hungary is definitely Csaba Braskó's Muse. Due to its great popularity, it is no surprise that the new, expanded edition was published in 2021, which was introduced to readers under the foreword by András Feldmár. Like in the period of the birth of the original book, we are living through difficult times again, so if you feel dissatisfied with your life, reading the book can help you a lot. The protagonist of Muse is Eva, the bartender whose life is in ruins: working in a soul-destroying job in poor financial circumstances, and both her relationships with her boyfriend and her mother are going in the wrong direction. That's when the weird guy appears at Eva's cafe, thanks to whom something changes and the girl's life gradually takes a much more positive direction. After the first edition, reading the new version was also a lot of fun this year - and I would only like to note in parentheses that at the beginning of my coaching career, one of my dear clients (who has been a big fan of the Muse from the beginning) compared me to the guy changing Eva's life.

5. Eduardo Salas - Scott Tannenbaum: Teams that Work - The seven drivers of team effectiveness (2021)

I left it for the end, but I can't deny: from many perspectives, this book is my favorite one this year. At the end of 2020, I was contacted by Pallas Athéné Könyvkiadó Kft to translate the book into Hungarian. I was very happy to say yes to their request, so after a few months of creative work, the Hungarian version, now entitled Sikeres csapatok, became available in our stores in April this year. In the book from authors of a psychological background, they explore how an effective team operates in the worlds of business and sports, but also provide interesting examples from the everyday lives of medical, financial, technological, military, and astronaut teams. The tips in this book can give you ideas on how to be an effective team leader, a great team member, a recognized senior leader, or a successful consultant. It is a great happiness for me that Sikeres csapatok has become one of the favorite books of many people in Hungary, and its popularity is well-underpinned by the fact that it has been in the Top 5 on the bestseller list of Pallas Athéné Books since its publication. I had no hope of such success in my wildest dreams. Thank you once again for the opportunity to the publisher and also for you for having read the book. I hope I can surprise you with many more fascinating volumes in the years to come.

These are my Top 5 favorite books from 2021. Which were the ones you enjoyed the most this year? I'd love if you shared them with me in a comment. I wish you a smooth year end and a new year full of success and health!

Friendly regards,

Károly Vizdák

lifestyle change & business coach

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