The power of rejection - The story of Bono and his band U2


Have you ever been rejected when applying for a job so much promising to you? Looking back at the story after months, years: has your life turned better not having been accepted for your dream job? Some seeming failures can carry extraordinary opportunities within. Today I will show you the example of Bono and U2.

In 1979, Paul Hewson (aka Bono) was working on early demos with his 3 bandmates Larry Mullen, Adam Clayton and Dave Evans in Dublin. They sent their first pieces of music to many famous record companies. On 10th May 1979, they received the following letter in reply from RSO Records (London):

Dear Mr. Hewson,

Thank you for submitting your tape of 'U2' to RSO, we have listened with careful consideration, but feel it is not suitable for us at present. We wish you luck with your future career.

Yours sincerely, Alexander Sinclair

The next chapters of the story are well-known today: U2 is one of the most successful bands in the history of rock, they have sold ca. 170 million albums around the world and have won 22 Grammy Awards in various categories. The guys are members of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they lead by example in the area of charity activities, they have been leading numerous charity concerts and campaigns in the past few decades. RSO dissolved in 1983.

This example is just one of history's great rejections. Should you be currently walking in the same shoes, just think about the life path of U2 and Bono and the famous quote: Never say never!

Károly Vizdák

business and life coach

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