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What motivates you in your daily life? Do you like what you do or do you do it just because of constraints, being used to? And what about lifestyle change? Did you start it just because of yourself or is there somebody continuously standing by you and pushing you forward, but you do not enjoy it? Join me today and let us talk a little bit about motivation!

Many experts have already looked into the topic, but one of the most credible analyses came from Edward Deci and Richard Ryan. In their 2008 self-determination model they examine the different types of motivation. In case of autonomous motivation you choose a given activity from your own will, controlled motivation however assumes external constraint. Usually we would like to change our lifestyle because of autonomous motivation, at least in this case the chances of success are much higher.

Deci and Ryan differentiate between 5 different types of motivation:

1. INTRINSIC MOTIVATION: I would like to change my lifestyle because it comes from deep inside. I would like to do it, I enjoy moving or am happy to drink a fresh orange juice. In this case I will almost surely succeed.

2. INTEGRATED REGULATION: A given type of behaviour is integrated into my self-concept. It means that I see myself as a fan of running, an excellent triatlonist.

3. IDENTIFIED REGULATION: I do some kind of exercise since it helps me reach a target important to me, although I might not enjoy it very much at all. For example I go hiking to stabilize my blood pressure.

4. INTROJECTED REGULATION: I exercise regularly since I know that I have to, although I really do not want to, I just want to avoid feeling guilty. I might visit a cross training class just because my spouse continuously bullies me and I would like to end this.

5. EXTERNAL REGULATION: I only train due to external pressure in order to avoid punishment or get rewards. There are many children for example who only follow their PE teachers' advices not to be told off. If you initiate a lifestyle change because of this reason, then failure is almost guaranteed.

Do you also see how huge differences there are between the various types of motivation? Which group would you put yourself into? Are you already enjoying doing sports or are you at the moment doing it due to external constraint? Would you like to enjoy your lifestyle change, being continuously motivated, with moments full of joy? Get in touch with me still today and I am happy to help you!

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