The key to you - 5 thoughts before we start working together


Have you ever been to a coach? If probably not yet, have you already thought about how you would choose the one who could help you the most? It is not always easy to find the coach matching your personality the best, but if you succeed and have the harmony, then together you can reach extraordinary results. Are you interested in how I work as a coach and how working together with me would look like? I am sharing my most important thoughts with you regarding this topic today.

1. COACHING - THE CALLING - For me coaching is not one of many jobs, but Profession. I also had bad experiences in other areas years ago. Based on these I exactly know what it is like when you do a job only because it is expected from you, because you would like to comply with someone or possibly only because you are well paid. I started off my path after having read numerous self development books and today it is one of my life's biggest goals to help others. This is my mission, which comes completely from within. After a coaching session or a professional programme having gathered positive momentum I can't hardly wait for the next important station.

2. POSITIVE, SUPPORTING ATMOSPHERE - I believe that the positive support of a coach in most situations helps the development of the client. What can you expect from me? Quoting one of my previous client, Silvia: " Károly's acceptance, patience, kindness, love of human comfort the sessions, you can sit back, relax and be yourself. At the same time, his creative questions help you to work at your own pace towards your set objectives." Of course there are situations when you will rock hard have to face where you should improve if you want to reach your goals - in this case you will also get this opportunity from me.

3. THERE IS NO HOPELESS PERSON - I have already met more clients who at some areas of their lives have continuously received negative feedback so they thought no one could help them any more. The good news for you: if you really want it, there is always another chance. Every person is an individual, to whom you have to find the key. It can easily happen that in the previous 99 instances you were knocking on the wrong door or you tried to reach your goals the wrong way, but if you receive the winning formula or meet the right helper, sooner or late you can say goodbye to your unlucky past.

4. CHANGE DOES NOT HAPPEN FROM ONE DAY TO THE OTHER - Unfortunately there people who are impatient as per their nature and would like to get everything immediately. This approach does have its advantages, however in like we usually have to wait for the really important things. If you start working together with a coach, you also have to know that at first change will happen only deep inside of you and it will take time to become visible for your environment as well. I do not promise immediate results. If you think that within 1-2 weeks I will solve all your problems, then unfortunately I have to disappoint you: I am not your man.

5. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO BECOME WHO YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN! - Not everyone succeeds in finding their mission, the job in which they can reach their full potential relatively early, already in their twenties. Often you will have to collect many bad experiences until you find yourself. Back at school I also did not exactly know that I would like to become and I had to go through many things until I have arrived to where I am today. Have you also heard about famous writers, who became really famous in their thirties-forties or trendy pensioners who became bloggers or models at a later age? I will help you to reach your goals as early as possible, maybe already at a very young age, but you should know that if you have a dream you really believe in, then it is never too late to implement it!

In this post I have only highlighted 5 points, but I could continue the list, either based on my own or my previous and current clients' experiences. If you are interested in working together, call me or write to me still today and we will discuss further details! +36302781905 or Because in a team everything is easier!

Friendly regards,

Károly Vizdák

lifestyle change, business & life coach

motivational advisor

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