Surviving the quarantine period the smoothest - 14 tips to stay positive during the pandemic


Coronavirus. The word was barely known by any of us about 1 year ago and 6 months ago only seemed to be a far away nightmare. But in the past few weeks it has transformed our lives in Hungary as well to an extent that no one could escape the consequences. We have isolated ourselves so that considering our family and friends we could survive this otherwise trying period the easiest. If even temporarily, a new life has emerged in front of us, in which new rules exist. But how can you spend your quarantine days usefully? I would like to show you a few ideas today.


Unfortunately I exactly know that not all of us are allowed to and have the opportunity to do this, but if you are this lucky, then definitely do work from home! This way you will be much less likely to infect others as well or to catch the disease yourself. And when the epidemic is over, it will be much happier to catch up with your long time not seen colleagues healthy again.


For the most of us probably the most painful in this current situation is that we cannot meet our family members, loved ones every day. Luckily the phone is usually available though, so you can inquire about their wellbeing. And if you live in the same town, you can help your older family members in shopping or completing their everyday to-do-s. Now they will be extremely grateful for this.


Have you so far found the way every week to hang out together? Well, it is not possible right now, either, but the meetings can still take place in the virtual space. You can also keep in touch, have great conversations, play quizzes this way... only a few months, and you will get each other back live as well.


Are you buried by your everyday to-do-s? Are you demotivated, have you run out of plans? Is there no system in your days? Set SMART goals, let them be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound! Write down a list and add just one new goal every day! If you do so, gradually you will be able to rebuild your life and by the time your 'normal' life will start again, you will get a ready action plan for the changed situation!


Before the epidemic you could not be kicked out of the gym? Well, in this case for you it is surely difficult to cope with the current restrictions. There are many ways though for you to reserve your health in these days as well. In the biggest video sharing platforms you can find many pre-recorded training videos, there are gyms, which publish group exercise videos on their own social media sites. Or if you are looking for an even more tailored solution, you can connect with your personal trainer via skype or can go through the pre-structured training plan at home. The list of available options is endless.


The period of coronavirus epidemic promotes turning inward, at he same time it is important now for you to keep your inner balance. On the internet many meditation or yoga classes are available, but you might as well start a mindfulness course, you can also find a pocketful of them, if you search a little bit.


Earlier you were always in a rush and because of the loads of work you only had time to grab some easily consumable unhealthy snack once in a while? If you are determined enough, now you can easily say goodbye to this bad habit of yours. Buy the ingredients in advance and at your home's comfort prepare the finest dishes! If you live together with your loved ones, they will also surely be glad for this.


Have you been thinking about getting back to school for a long time? Due to the coronavirus epidemic now you can have much more time for this as well and probably you can also save some money. The courses previously held in classrooms are now taking place in the virtual space and not only the domestic schools, but even the world's most famous universities offer classes available from Hungary, at an affordable rate. Which one are you going to apply for?


It would be important to learn a foreign language for your studies or your job, but so far you have not succeeded? Use your free minutes efficiently and start it still today! Language books can be delivered home as well if needed, the teacher can show up online or you can also use a computer application. Who knows when you will have this much time available again to use the opportunity?


Are you the expert of a topic and would you like to share your knowledge with others as well?Launch your blog now! Being bound to our homes we usually spend much more time using social media and are more open to positive messages! Find your own topic, look for your target audience and just write, write and write! If you are credible enough, with time more and more readers will follow you, you can build your own audience and people will appreciate you for who you are.


If so far you have always had your excuse that due to the big rush you had no time left for reading, then the time has arrived when you can no longer escape from yourself. Now you cannot throw a party or travel around the world, it is time to calm down a bit and finally grab that book. I have also dug out my books gathered in the previous year and now am starting to read them one after the other.


If you want to go one step further, then now you can write your own book. Let it be a modern novel or a scientific non-fiction, if you have something to say and you have your own style, surely you will find your audience. You are writing your book now, as the epidemic slows down you will find the right publishing channels and by the time the piece is published, coronavirus will only be a bad memory.


Are you too much swallowed by the stress caused by isolation? Your days are the same and it is difficult to relax? Listen to music instead! The free minutes spent on listening to your carefully chosen favourite pieces can excellently charge your batteries. Well, it matters what you listen to... if you can, now rather avoid the too melancholic ones, this current situation can be sad enough without them as well. But if you are fond of moving to some great vibes, do not hesitate to start!


Are you feeling lost? Would you like to write off your emotions gathered during isolation? Start a diary, write down everything important that happened to you on that day! Doing this you can grab it later anytime as well and draw strength from it, because you did not give up in the hard times, either and you made it through! You have to know that you are stronger than you have ever imagined since you managed to stay alive even during the coronavirus although life rolled an enormous obstacle in your way!

What other tips do you have for us to spend our isolated days efficiently? If you want to, please feel free to share them here, since all of us are looking for positive inspiration right now and relying on these together we can get through these trying weeks more easily!

Friendly regards,

Károly Vizdák

lifestyle change, business & life coach

motivational advisor

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