Motivation + Map = Astonishingly precise snapshot about yourself


MOTIVATION. A word, which has already been mentioned in so many different contexts. I am motivated! I am so much demotivated! At my workplace I am mostly motivated by meaningful human relationships. Money as a motivational factor. Motivational speaker. Motivational book. But have you already heard about the MOTIVATIONAL MAP? If not yet, then the time has now come. In today's blog article I will introduce you to this priceless tool making more and more waves worldwide. I hope I will foster your motivation to try it yourself as well.

Motivation: energy, driving force, drive. Inner force determining your thoughts and acts. Snapshot. If you thoroughly examine it you can find out, which factors explain your behaviour currently. Why is it that some goals are so easy to achieve, while tasks seemingly simple are so difficult to finish? Is it possible that you and me are motivated by completely different motivational factors - you primarily work for the money, while I am fighting for my professional independence? Creativity might be really important for you, still in your current job you are unable to fulfill your desires? Can it be that within the same team your motivational level is optimal, while your colleague needs serious help in order to be able to get to the same level?

I have great news for you: now you can gain credible and precise answers to these and similar questions in Hungary as well. The Motivational Map, this unique tool invented by James Sale in the United Kingdom is getting more and more popular in our country, too. With the help of the map now you can finally quantify your motivational level. It is a simple, precise and useful compass to boost your career.

If you have ever been seriously thinking about the meaning of motivation, why you need it and what happens if you lose it, then this map will be your tool! Are you not only interested in what motivates you, but also your team members? Would you like to know why you are able to work together with someone in perfect harmony, while with others it is more difficult? Are you interested in how your whole organization is operating?

If you get in touch with me and fill out the Motivational Map test, you will be astonished by the results underpinned by numbers providing an unquestionably precise overview of your current motivation. Having gained the knowledge at first hand from Judit Ábri Von Bartheld, the Hungarian mother of the map I am ready to analyze the numbers with you, think them over and in the frames of the subsequent coaching process help you to get to the optimal motivational level. Together we can figure out what would make you really satisfied during your work.

Would you like to take your well-deserved professional seat finally? The perfect mapping of your own and your team's motivation is now also available to you. Call me: +36302781905 or write to and let's work together to unlock your potential!

Károly Vizdák

business, life & health coach

motivational advisor

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