More careers at the same time? - Yes, it's possible!


Investment banker who writes a blog in his free time. Multiemployee who works as a painter part time. Or probably an engineer who holds personal trainings, too. Are you also one of them? I have found that the number of those friends of mine who have been looking for new opportunities has radically increased in the past few months - and they have found ones, quite excellent opportunities. But why does somebody decide to launch multiple careers at the same time? What advantages and disadvantages do the new ways of life have? Let's dig a bit deeper in the topic!


  • I am bored at my current workplace and am looking for new challenges
  • I had an old dream and now I have decided to implement it
  • I do not want to give up on my secure workplace, but I would be keen on trying myself in a new role
  • I have my own family or a loan and I would like to earn some additional money to make my life better
  • I would like to travel more, so I would need more money
  • I would like to make a living from my hobby one day.


  • I consider all the pros and cons of parallel careers
  • I ask my friends who have already started out on the journey
  • I engage my current employer and see how they can help me in the beginning
  • I obtain the necessary initial capital if needed
  • I find the legal form being the for my future enterprise
  • I attend courses possibly related to my future work
  • I free the necessary additional time


  • I can implement myself, I will be more credible
  • I will gain additional energy from the new nork and I will be more successful in my main job as well
  • My work can be my hobby at the same time
  • I can earn more money
  • I can get to know new people through my new job
  • All in all, I will have a happier, more complete life.


  • I am afraid of new things and changes
  • I am satisfied with my current situation and I do not expect anything more from life
  • I am already working a lot and I would not have enough time, energy for my second job
  • I do not want to sacrifice the time I could also spend with my family and my friends
  • I do not have the necessary initial capital for the start
  • I do not have any unfulfilled dreams.

Based on my own experiences I can say that once you start, you will set out on a journey, which will enrichen you with a number of extraordinary experiences. Your life will never ever be the same again. Are you ready? If yes, do not hesitate to get in touch with me - together we will reach your set goals! Just call me or message me - I have already taken the most important steps on my own path.

Károly Vizdák

business, life & health coach

motivational advisor

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