Márton, Katinka, Ádám: Even the most successful sportsmen have their ups and downs


Have you already found out why you were born to this planet? What is your own specific talent, which makes you a unique individual? What is the goal that you would never give up on, even if you had to face failure after failure? Today I will introduce you to the lives of 3 famous modern day Hungarian sportsmen, showing you that even the greatest heroes have had moments when few would have dreamed about the heights they would reach by today.

Márton Fucsovics: started as a child

Márton Fucsovics, our famous tennis player who enjoyed extraordinary success in 2018's Australian Open was 5 years old when he first grabbed a tennis racket. The start was not easy: due to not being tall enough he was almost advised to skip his first tennis course in his hometown Nyíregyháza. But there was one person who believed in him: with the support of his first trainer, Enikő Gyuricsku Márton started to attend the often very tough trainings. As a child, his sports career was steeply heading upwards for quite a long time, however his first years among adults were really trying: he had to face smaller injuries and there was also a period when because of his hedonist lifestyle he almost quit tennis. However, Márton always had his goal in front of his eyes and his dreams were bigger than any obstacles: today he is one of the world's 100 best adult male tennis players and since 1983 he has been the first Hungarian male tennis player who managed to qualify himself into the eighth final of a major Grand Slam Tournament.

Katinka Hosszú: everyone has their ups and downs

As a child, Katinka Hosszú was already dreaming about once being celebrated as an Olympic winner. Still, by 2008, the age of 19 she became fed up with everything. She did not want to swim any more. She wanted to turn her back on the world, which had been present in every minute of her life before. She travelled to the United States, to Southern California to study sport psychology. And there something changed. Thanks to her new trainer, Dave Salo she managed to regain her love of swimming within a few months' time and she became a leading figure of her university swimming team. Her career gained a new momentum, but then the Summer Olympics of London arrived. There Katinka 'only' came in as No. 4. in the women's 400 metre individual medley. Due to the ups and downs Katinka wanted to quit swimming again. In the end she changed her mind and the rest is already history: today Katinka Hosszú, a three-time Olympic champion, a seven-time long-course world champion and a thirteen-time European champion is one of the most successful Hungarian sportsmen of all times.

Ádám Diószegi: the life changing accident

Who has not yet heard about Ádám Diószegi? The famous spine yoga, hatha yoga, hatha yoga flow and winyasa flow teacher has 42,000 Facebook followers as of today. Ádám is spreading the promise of free life to be achieved through yoga. As a child, martial arts played an important role in his life and he was examining the questions of life and death, but later life lead him to a completely different path: he started to study in the University of Miskolc as an engineer-IT specialist. After an ill-advised arm wrestle match he had to face an operation: a titanium rod was placed in his arm, which afterwards also became paralyzed temporarily. Ádám had to quit the university and his situation seemed to be hopeless. It was a friend of her mother who predicted that the young guy would once become a sports teacher spreading active culture. Ádám started the first ever yoga teacher course of IWI in Hungary and from here country wide success was unavoidable. Today he is having his own yoga studio with two floors, facing the Danube. Near the age of 30, Ádám is living the life of his dreams.

Márton, Katinka, Ádám: 3 different personalities, 3 life paths. What is common about them: even in the times of the biggest hardships they did not give up. Follow their examples as the fights of today always carry the promise of a better tomorrow within. You can never know when you will meet someone who sees the person in you and so your whole life will never be the same again.

Károly Vizdák

business and life coach


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