Maintaining your inner balance (If the world around you is turning upside down)


Do you also often feel nowadays that the world around you drives you crazy? Everything is like a great chaos, isn't it? Have you already thought about what you can do to stay sane and keep your life together? I am trying to help you in this today. Let's learn how to dance together in the storm!

At which area of your life have you faced the darkest clouds recently? In your work, private life or probably in your health? Here are 15 tips for you to handle challenges more easily!

  • Know that you are not alone - Feel that you are safe and you are loved!
  • Keep your everyday routine - When things get hectic, we are inclined to forget about our well established schedules and fight fires. Do not be a person like this! Being systematic is half success.
  • Ask yourself every morning: what do I have to do to be happier? What can I already be grateful for? Think through thoroughly and write down your answers to a piece of paper!
  • Take a break - If you allow yourself to calm down and try to to look at things from a little more distant perspective, you can easily find the way out.
  • Slow down and just breathe - If you progress too quickly, an already chaotic situation can become even more threatening. Be rather systematic and thorough! Breathe deeply and relax!
  • Pay attention to the signals of your body - Are you having a stiff neck? Are you feeling a knot in your stomach? Are you having a headache? If yes, then it's time to take a couple of steps back, rest more and arrange your lines!
  • Identify and care about the stressful areas - Know what exactly gets you out of the stream and continuously control your stress level! Feel free to confess others what makes you nervous and pay attention together not to get to the point from where there is no way back anymore!
  • See things from the right perspective - Sometimes many things slip out of our hands exactly because we only focus on the difficulties. We often see a problem much bigger than it really is.
  • Control only what you can control - Do not waste too much energy on the factors, which you cannot influence!
  • Love yourself - Very often you are your own biggest critique! Be a bit more forgiving to yourself, this way you will be less anxious and you will be less likely to get into a state of depression!
  • Smile - With the right attitude you have already won half your battle with chaos. A sincere smile can solve many things.
  • Spend time on your rituals - Do you like sipping your tea on the terrace in afterglow? Do you enjoy reading a good book before going to sleep? Do you tend to run around your flat once every morning? Anyhow difficult your situation might be, try to find the time for these!
  • Connect to others - If you speak about your problem with your loved ones, you might find the solution for them easier. If you call someone to ask about how they are, you might exactly be the one able to help them in a tough situation. If you try to do good to others, you might feel a nice little buzz, transmit positive energies and win.
  • Think about a place where you are really happy - If you have already been there, then think about the beautiful times spent there, if not, then about ho great it will be to get there one day.
  • Let go of what you have to - If something does not serve your development any more, do not keep it unnecessarily in your life, because it will only sap your energy!

Friendly regards,

Károly Vizdák

lifestyle change & career coach

motivational advisor

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