Lifestyle change in 5 steps? - Why not!


Have you been thinking about changing your lifesyle for a long time, but you still have not been able to start? Or have you just begun? Maybe you have been on the right track for months, but you often feel that it's getting tough and you tend to fall back into the old traps? We all go through one of the listed stages. Yes, because changing your lifestyle does not happen from one day to the other, but it is a long process consisting of more steps. Come with me and let's follow a successfully implemented action plan - Gary's story is coming up next!

Gary is a young IT expert who found out about a year ago that something is not functioning well in his life. At his workplace one new task followed the other. Overtime after overtime, additionally he had to travel to the countryside ever more often due to professional commitments. Irregular meals, minimal exercise. The end result: within only a few months' time +10 kgs, increased insulin level and blood pressure, stomach aches, a series of nights without sleep. Let's see what happens afterwards - in 5 stages! (I will describe the main stages based on Prochaska and DiClemente's TTM model.)

1. PRECONTEMPLATION: what I explained to you so far. The problems are obvious, however Gary has not done anything to change. For him exercise is not important, he is not thinking about doing anything for himself. But at this point he incidentally meets his old high school friend, David who happens to be a health coach in a premium class health centre. David is worried about his old friend, provides him with useful information and warns him about the potential negative consequences of his unhealthy lifestyle. After this, Gary carries on living his 'old' life.

2. CONTEMPLATION: 1 month later our IT guy still has not started exercising. However in the meantime something has changed, because he starts thinking about what to change. He is still not ready for a change, but with the help of David he is already weighing the pros and cons of lifestyle change. Together they examine the possible obstacles which might arise and he is already saying: I might!

3. PREPARATION: Gary starts out on his way towards healthy lifestyle. Contrary to his previous habits, he takes a walk to his workplace lying 10 minutes from his flat. If he is in the mood, 1-2 times each week he accompanies David for a run at Margaret Island. They put together a common action plan for Gary, which among others contains a diet programme, visiting the gym on more occasions per week and tennis games together with his girlfriend. Gary is positive: I will!

4. ACTION: The young expert is now regularly exercising. He is ready for embracing the lifestyle change programme both physically and mentally, however less than 6 months have passed since the beginning of the programme. His coach friend continuously stands by him, they set new goals together, face the obstacles together and concentrate on the long term benefits. In his free time Gary reads articles about lifestyle change on the internet and studies sporty applications on his SmartPhone. His slogan is: I am now!

5. MAINTENANCE: More than 6 months have passed since Gary started out on his journey and he is still regularly exercising. 2 personal trainings, 1 crosstraining session, 1 tennis game and 1 health coaching session each week. David helps him resists the possibly arising temptations, since the most important point at this stage is preventing relapse. They work together as one team, David monitors and supports Gary's new way of life. Gary is satisfied and happily smiles: I am!

Would you also like to go through such a spectacular change? If yes, you are at the right place since I am happy to support you. As a health coach I will help you implement your own tailored programme! Call me or write to me still today! And do not forget: the first step is the hardest, but the end result will make up for everything!

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