Leap - The Coaching Movie


Have you ever felt so blue that for weeks, months you had no clue about how your life could get better? Have you always been interested in what it is like to work with the best coaches in the world? If you want to know how the life of 4 PEOPLE can change within 1 year from total hopefulness into the life they always dreamed about, then this will be YOUR MOVIE! 1 hour 40 minutes with breathcatching moments, unbelievable depths and feelings and with an (almost 100%) happy ending.

The objective of Leap is to inspire at least 1 million people all around the world and let them know that impossible does not exist. The directors of the 2017 movie, Patryk and Kasia Wezowski (of Polish origin) became well-known thanks to their 2014 masterpiece Destressed, which was an award-winning documentary movie in that year. As of today, they are also famous for being the professional leaders of a 15-country body language programme. Among the master coaches of the movie we can find Chérie Carter-Scott, also called the mother of coaching, Mark Thompson who worked together with Sir Richard Branson and Steve Jobs and Jack Canfield, the man beyond the book series Chicken Soup for the Soul.

The first protagonist of the movie is Chad, the 43-year-old guy who has never had a real relationship. In his early 20s he decided to wait for The One, who still has not stepped into this life. He lives with his mother, but his big dream is to once become a loving husband and father. During the months of the coaching process we can follow Chad's progress from the first rejections to the more promising dates and how he figures out how his life so far has been mostly influenced by his relation to his father.

Rob used to work in the movie industry, but as the result of a fatal night of alcohol his career built up carefully through years falls apart in a moment. The only reminder of his previous success is the Emmy Award on his shelf. He blames her former wife for his current situation. With the help of the famous experts Rob learns to forgive her and manages to start a new life, where he takes advantage of his addict period's experiences and launches a brand new successful career.

Precious, the curvy young black lady cannot get over the tragic loss of her man, so she asks for the help of professional coaches. In the beginning of the coaching process her days are mostly characterized by the memories of her former husband, since the man gave her a gift that so many fellows of Precious could never experience during their lives: the gift of unconditional love. Gaining strength from this feeling Precious sets out on her journey to fulfill her big dream and launch a lingerie enterprise with bases in more countries.

The fourth main character of the movie is Soon Loo, the stressed Asian manager, who so far has dedicated his whole life to his career. He would like to take his professional career to the next level and slightly alter it to become a changemaker, with a profession uniting passion and reputation (both from the social and material aspect). All through this process he is threatened by once losing it all. Would you like to know how Soon Loo's life changes during the 1 year shown in the movie?

I would like to recommend Leap to everyone who is currently fighting to make their big dreams come true, would like to get out of a life situation they are stuck in or simply would like to make a change in their lives. If I have managed to make you just a little bit interested in the movie, please feel free to look for the next occasion to watch it and enjoy the big Leap-experience!

Károly Vizdák

business and life coach


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