Leading by example - the lifestyle change story of Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds


Have you ever felt like things could not get any harder? Never forget: there is a way out from every tough situation and if you have the belief and stamina, nothing can get in your way any more. Today's story is about Dan Reynolds, lead singer of the US rockband Imagine Dragons, who during the past years has found his path again after a really trying life situation. Get to know his story as well, which can be a positive example to all of us!

2012 could have been one of the happiest years of Dan Reynolds' life. With his band he signed a record deal with Interscope Records, his first daughter was born and their hit single Radioactive was topping the charts everywhere. The singer's happiness still could not be complete.

At this time he was suffering from a rare autoimmune disease called ankylosing spondylitis (AS) for years and was accompanied by continuous spine inflammation and pain felt in various parts of the body. For Dan even lifting his newborn daughter up and performing at live shows meant really tough moments. And this was not the only health issue he was facing: for a long time he was fighting ulcerative colitis and recurring periods of depression.

Reynolds still did not give up: first he turned to a therapist who made him realize that he had spent most of his life before in continuous compulsion to conform and he forced his own needs in the background. Thanks to the therapy he reevaluated everything. For example he laid down the new foundations of the relationship with the mother of his daughters, but he also introduced other changes in his life.

With the help of Brad Feinberg personal trainer he modernized his diet and started working out regularly. Dan spent 1-3 hours on exercising every day of the week. He most often ate oatmeal, berries, bananas, salads, sweet potato, brown rice, chicken, lamb and olive oil. In barely more than one year he turned from skinny fat to completely shredded. His body fat is around 6% today.

Thanks to the successful lifestyle change, the life of the father of 3 daughters is nowadays more complete than ever. His symptoms of depression have disappeared, he consciously pays attention to his health. He is stronger than ever and on various platforms of social media he encourages his fans and other fellows to come out with their physical and mental difficulties and successfully fight those.

Have you also been touched by the story of Dan Reynolds? Change your lifestyle still today before it's too late! One thing is sure: taking the first step is the most difficult, but then the end result can exceed your wildest dreams. Start your journey towards a better life still today!

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