It's Sunday again - How to use the last day of the week the most efficiently


Sunday is here again... it is almost Monday, the beginning of a new week. It might be tough to get out of bed, you might be overloaded with housework or you might already be thinking about tomorrow's workplace related stuff, Would you also like to bring the best out of the week's last day so that you could spend these few hours the most positively? Here's a list of 40 activities, with which you can brighten up your day!

1) Think over Monday's three most important to-dos

2) Put together a list about what you have to do the other day

3) Review next week's schaedule and your calendar

4) Tidy up your home

5) Wash and prepare your clothes for the next week

6) Meditate, practice mindfulness and relax

7) Do the shopping

8) Tidy up your handbag

9) Prepare food for the next day

10) Plan some funny programmes

11) Put together your sports equipment

12) Clean your electric devices

13) Prepare for a super Monday morning in your thoughts

14) Learn a bit

15) Practice what you learnt earlier

16) Think over what happened to you during the week

17) Look at Sunday as if it was the first day of the week

18) Meet your loved ones and spend some quality time together

19) Find some me-time for yourself

20) Spend 10 minutes on reviewing your work related e-mails

21) Plan 3 tiny steps, which take you closer to launching a hobby project

22) Tidy up the documents folder on your computer

23) Review your bank account

24) Review your drawer

25) Plan next week's trainings

26) Walk around a little

27) Practice some yoga exercises

28) Simply pamper yourself

29) Take a break. Do nothing for 10 minutes

30) Set the alarm clock for the next day

31) Write down all your ideas popping up

32) Go to bed on time

33) Tidy up your refrigerator

34) Go hiking

35) Write an e-mail to an old friend

36) Buy a birthday present to a loved one or close friend of yours

37) Do some exercise

38) Water your plants

39) Prepare some cookies

40) Complete a crossword puzzle

Do you also happen to practice any of these? Which one is your favourite?

I hope that in addition to your already favourite programmes I have managed to draw your attention to a few new ones as well! Re-plan your day already today!

Friendly regards,

Károly Vizdák

lifestyle change & career coach

motivational advisor

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