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Do you have any objectives, which you have wanted to achieve for a long time, but for some reasons they have never happened? Have you been thinking about why they have never been realized? Due to a lack of time, lack of resources, lack of necessary support? Today's story is about a lady who achieved professional success late in her lifetime, but she had been believing for a long time and never gave up her dreams. Please let me introduce the story of Anna Mary Robertson, also known as Grandma Moses!

Anna Robertson showed an interest towards arts since she was young. But for a long time she was unable to turn her interest into a profession - she had a family and children to raise.

Occasionally she drew some paintings in her free time, but she never really had the time and opportunity to show her talent to the world.

At the age of 67 she lost her husband and she became deeply depressed. To be able cope with the uncopable, she started to look for new free time activities.

In her 70's she spent most of her days painting. She became her own biggest teacher, she mostly painted about rural life.

The big breakthrough arrived at the age of 78, when a collector bumped into pieces of her work in a local store and he bought all of them. The pictures of Grandma Moses were shown at New York's Museum of Modern Arts. They reached a worldwide audience and the artist was recognized by a number of awards.

She was 92 when she wrote her memoir, 'My Life's History'. Grandma Moses passed away at the age of 101.

Which are the factors preventing you from living the life of your dreams? Grandma Moses proved that nothing is impossible. Are you going to be the next one, who similarly to her will achieve extreme success? If you wish to set new objectives and implement them together with me, please feel free to call me or write to me. I am happy to help you!

Károly Vizdák

business and life coach

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