Help me! It's a relapse...


Have you successfully completed a lifestyle change, still in the past few weeks something has changed? Are you not as motivated as in the very beginning? Is it harder to grab on your running shoes or exercise at home? Or probably due to the Covid situation you are afraid to go down to the gym? It might happen even to the most motivated inviduals that during their lifestyle change they have to face unexpected challenges from time to time. Would you like to know what leads to a relapse and how you can get back from the bottom? If your answer is yes, then come and follow me today!


There can be numerous reasons why my lifestyle change has (temporarily) failed. The most common ones are the following:

  • I have fallen ill/ got injured for a longer period
  • I have changed my workplace
  • I have lost my job
  • I have moved to a new place
  • I have a new couple, got married or I have a newborn child
  • I have an old relative to take care of
  • I am currently taking part in a longer trip abroad
  • due to the coronavirus situation I am unable to train as before
  • my training mate has left me and it is much more difficult alone.


  • I surround myself with supporters:
  • I am asking my lifestyle change coach for help
  • I include my family in exercising
  • I ask my friends to remind me should I neglect tranings
  • I change my environment: throw unhealthy food out of the refrigerator, I furnish my flat so that everything would remind me of fit lifestyle
  • I take part in sporty community and school programmes.

  • I accept myself:
  • sincerely talk about my problems with my family, friends or an expert
  • individually or together with them I am looking for solutions in order to achieve long time success.

  • I set up rules:
  • I continuously watch out for my behaviour, schedule, priorities
  • with the help of my lifestyle change coach I create an easily followable lifestyle change programme, which I can also adapt to individually
  • I consciously avoid hindering life situations, people and events
  • I eat healthily, control my weight changes, exercise intensively and keep the prescribed training plan.


  • I cannot manage time
  • no one helps me, no expert, supporting family or friends stand by me
  • I am way too busy.

Have you also already happened to relapse or are you currently walking in these shoes? Can you not find the way out on your own? Get in touch with me still today and together we will find the solution most optimal for you!

Friendly regards,

Károly Vizdák

lifestyle change & career coach

motivational expert

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