Get ready ! CHANGE your Lifestyle - Autumn 2018


Autumn. Beginning of the school year. New stimuli, reoccurring old problems. The weather is still summery, so you might find it perfect for a little belated bathing. It might be the best time for enjoying a ride together with your son to the school/your workplace in the morning. But it can also happen that after the wasted summer you will be in the mood of starting regular exercising in the gym. Have you recognized yourself? Do you agree with me that because of yourself you will need to take the right step sooner or later? The number of opportunities is endless and the small, incremental steps will lead to enormous changes in the end. Would you like to learn more about the most important positive impacts of changing your lifestyle? If your answer is yes, today's article is calling exactly YOU!

After my previous lifestyle change article a few weeks ago many of you have reached out to me that you are excited about the next one. In view of the high interest today - again partly based on my own experiences - I have made a list of the most important benefits of choosing a new lifestyle. Let's have a look at the most significant positive impacts, gathered together:


  • You can say goodbye to extra kilos, increased blood pressure. Your chances for a heart attack will decrease, you will not be endangered by diabetes any more.

Unfortunately since 1980 for example the number of overweight people has doubled all around the world - if you also choose to change your lifestyle, together we can push back this sad tendency!

  • If in the past years you have not exercised regularly, possibly you will look at even small changes as significant success
  • Thanks to your reformed eating habits a number of your health indicators will improve
  • Your life expectancy can increase, so you will have more chance to be able to spend your adult years happily, together with your children, grandchildren


  • Everybody around you will realize that you look like a completely new person
  • You will smile at the world and the world will smile with you
  • Your sleep will be much more relaxing, you might need less sleep and in the mornings it will be much more easier for you to get out of bed
  • Within a few months' time you will happily let your friends know that in your free time you run 5K distances or visit crossfit classes. If you have the stamina, you might as well become a fitness champion or triathlonist!


  • The word IMPOSSIBLE will disappear from your vocabulary
  • You will be much more goal oriented in all areas of your life, let it be either career or relationships
  • You will more easily face various competitive situations
  • You will not want to sleep until noon on Saturdays any more, to live on hamburger, chips and coke. You will prefer healthy cakes and protein shakes.
  • You will learn that all great results are proceeded by small incremental steps carefully followed


  • Thanks to your changed priorities you will spend less time in front of the laptop and television
  • In the gym, in a new environment, thanks to new stimuli you will find new friends
  • Including your family members, close friends you can spend quality time together
  • It will not be important to satisfy everybody any more, since you have started your lifestyle change programme just because of yourself - so more likely the Right people will gather around you


  • Your colleagues will congratulate on your achievements and they will also want to follow your example
  • Your efficiency and your ability to focus will increase, you will be able to finish more work within a shorter period of time
  • Your self efficacy will increase, so it will not be difficult to stand up for yourself any more
  • Outstanding results will follow one another, so sooner or later you might as well find yourself in a much better job
  • The listed positive changes have been recognized by more and more companies all around the world, and similarly to Western Europe nowadays more and more employers in Hungary provide fitness passes for their employees, organize common yoga classes or corporate sport events.

Are you also looking for a new life exactly like this, but you do not know how to start your journey? Or you were exercising regularly earlier, but for some reasons you had to give it up and now you would like to return? As a health coach I am happy to help you find yourself (again)! And if you have successfully changed your sporting and eating habits, we can work together to reach your next goals! Just call me on +36302781905 or write to, together nothing will be impossible any more!

Károly Vizdák

business, life & health coach

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