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In one of my previous articles this year I already touched upon the significance of the problem of obesity. Everybody, move your feet now! - I said back then. Now I would like to focus on sedentary lifestyle leading to the whole phenomenon in a bit more detailed way. What negative consequences does sedentary lifestyle have and what tiny changes can we introduce to preserve our health? Let's see step by step!

Sedentary lifestyle. A lifestyle when someone does not perform regular physical activity. Does not exercise 150 minutes at a moderate pace or 75 minutes more intensively every week. As a lifestyle change coach I think I can comfortably state that the ideal solution would be 10,000 steps, i.e. 5 miles of walking every day. This way we could prevent all health issues arising from physical inactivity and eliminate the world's 4th leading mortality factor. Regular movement and appropriate nutrition can definitely help. But if you only sit home doing nothing, waiting for wonder, you can predict the following issues:

  • the likelihood of the appearance of cancer will increase
  • you will more likely get diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases
  • you will become depressed or face anxiety
  • you will become overweight or obese
  • your skeletal muscle mass will decrease
  • your blood pressure and cholesterol level will more likely increase
  • you will face type-2-diabetes

So what can you do to prevent the negative impacts of sedentary lifestyle at your workplace? In addition to the tips already listed last time for example:

  • work at an adjustable standing desk
  • use stabilizing balls while sitting
  • stand up at meetings
  • instead of emailing visit your colleagues at their desks and talk through everything possible orally
  • in your Outlook set up reminders, which will help you take 5-10 minutes of break every hour you can spend standing - this way you can prevent the monotony of the long workday
  • perform simple exercises while working
  • instead of elevator use the stairs
  • use a pedometer, this way motivating yourself to move as much as possible during work
  • get familiar with the most useful tips of ergonomy, this way making your minutes at work more livable
  • stand together with your favourite colleague - if you do not introduce this new habit on your own, it will be definitely easier
  • join a sports community at your workplace - this way you can have a great finish in the end of the day and even feel good together!

But it is worth watching out for your health even after your working hours. Here's how you can help yourself even in your free time:

  • when meeting your friends, do not sit to a pub, but go out together to a gym, for a quick run or play soccer
  • try a free time activity including moving: hike, play golf, dance or do the gardening
  • let a dog be your companion for sports: they can be excellent partners even for longer walks
  • instead of online shopping visit a shop personally
  • while shopping for food have a good walk around the shop - in the meantime pay attention to not spending money unnecessarily though and not buying unhealthy snacks
  • if possiblem do not watch tv at home - if you still cannot eliminate this bad habit, do some exercise while watching television (you can do push-ups, work out on an elliptical trainer or stationary exercise bicycle)
  • after dinner wash up the dishes or in the weekend tidy up your flat: do not forget, the time spent with standing also counts as moving
  • walk your kids to the school and home
  • spend your summers actively: instead of/in addition to lying on the beach also walk around or do as much sport as possible!

There are many ways of preventing sedentary lifestyle in your everyday life, aren't day? If you continuously include the tips listed above in your daily routine, in a short period of time you will experience a completely new quality of life. Come and get started already today!

Friendly regards,

Károly Vizdák

lifestyle change, business & life coach

motivational advisor

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