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Inner peace. It is often hard to find, but much easier to lose. Balance. Inner balance. Calmness. Probably now as summer has arrived it is a bit easier to create than in the past few months, which have been a mess for many. What do you do to be able to go to bed maintaining your inner peace every evening? To be able to live in harmony with yourself? Today we will have a look at what inner balance means, I have brought along a few tips and hints for you to find and preserve your inner peace. Additionally together we will have a look at a few practical techniques so that you could also spend your next few weeks more balanced!

Many experts have already tried defining the concept of inner balance in various ways. You are in sync with yourself if:

· you expect happiness and satisfaction not from subjects and results, but from reconnecting with your internal self.

· you successfully rediscover yourself, so you will be the best version of yourself

· you let go of unnecessary pain and worrying, which make your life more difficult

· you accept everything that is yours as it is - your life, your career, your body, all your things to be able to change into a better direction.

You are not in balance with yourself if:

· you are passive and let life pass you by

· you limit yourself too much and do not have a happy moment at all

· you reject new opportunities and never try out any new things

· you do not have energy for anything, you are way too timid.

What can help you find and preserve your balance?

· If you exercise regularly: 150 minutes of midtempo sport weekly can do wonders.

· You spend much time in the nature: as per the 2019 study of the University of Exeter including 20,000 people if you spend at least 2 hours weekly in the nature, you have done significant steps for your well-being and health.

· You do good to your friends: scientific research proves that by doing so your stress level will decrease, your life expectancy increases, you feel better, work more happily, do good to your mental health, will be happier and more motivated to help others again.

· You meditate: with the help of regular meditating you can control your fears, face stress more easily and fight depression.

· You feel the truth that you are safe and being loved: even if you do not always feel so, there are also people who love you, never forget about them!

· You accept things as they are: you do not always focus on what does not work in your life, but you face what you have received as a present and try to concentrate on the good things.

· You quickly forget the victim mentality: you do not worry about bad things always happening to you, you give up blaming others and do not think that change is bad by itself.

· You do not try to live up to everyone's expectations: there's only one person you need to be in harmony with: yourself.

· You do not continuously strive for perfection: you accept that no one and nothing ever will make perfect sense, why do you exactly have to be like that? During their almost 3-decade-long career Gordon Flett and Paul Hewitt, the two famous researchers of the topic have differentiated between striving for self-centered perfection, perfection for others and socially expected perfection. Should any of these prevail in your life, you have to make a change.

· You do not take molehills for mountains or as it is said in Hungarian: a flee for an elephant. Do you also often magnify tiny things and see the situation much more tragic than as is really is? You are not alone, but know that you can also overcome this.

What practical techniques can you apply to maintain your inner peace?

· Stop doing things for a while, do not think about anything and just enjoy the silence - Already 5 minutes every day can help you a lot, either when getting up or at some point during the day.

· Learn to appreciate the small things in life - Practice mindfulness techniques. Pay attention mindfully to the tasty bites in your mouth while eating, gaze at a panting, the sundown, enjoy the beauty of a song.

· Write a gratitude list - If you collect a few things each day, which you can be grateful in your life, it will be easier to recognize your blessings.

· Breathe deeply - Breathe in and out as it feels the best for you.

· Learn a few yoga exercises - Ask a yoga instructor to teach you a few exercises, then practice them regularly every day.

· Use regular affirmations - Motivate and direct your subconscious mind every day so that you could establish a new habit more easily.

· Be yourself - Keep those habits really belonging to you and let go of the ones not serving your any more.

I hope that you have also found those few tips and hints, with the help of which your life can become or stay balanced. Creating your internal peace happens gradually, not overnight, but it is never too late to start. You can be either 21, 35 or 60, it is never too late to find yourself again! What are you doing today to create more harmony in your life?

Friendly regards,

Károly Vizdák

lifestyle change & career coach

motivational advisor

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