Everything you would like to know about goal setting - Part 1.


Are you having professional goals but you do not exactly know how to reach them? Or you would like to get ahead with your private life but you are heading in the wrong direction? Maybe you do not have any goals at the moment and this is making you nervous? If your answer to any of these questions is YES, it might be worth for you to contact a coach. In the first part of my series of articles today we will investigate what a goal well set from the coaching perspective is like. Come and follow me again today!

Realistically chosen goals are indispensable in order to have a successful coaching process. Let's look at an example from the area of sports! The 60-year-old Uncle Peter contacts his coach with the idea of running the local half-marathon in one month's time. OK, but never before in his life did Uncle Peter run a half-marathon, additionally in the past 3 years he visited the gym on only 2 occasions every week and because of a former sports injury he was not even allowed to run. Is the goal setting of the elderly man realistic?

You are right, the correct answer is: NO. With these precedents, Uncle Peter unfortunately won't be able to run the half-marathon, he set an irrealistic goal.

But what is a well-defined goal like?

In order to evaluate the goals of our clients, we often use the SMART model originating from Anglosaxon areas.

What does the abbreviation SMART originating from the initials of the ingredients mean, so what should the right goal be like?

  • Specific: let's be clear and precise about what we would like to achieve.
  • Measurable: the goal should be quantifiable, so the client could specifically see the rate of progress.
  • Attainable: it should be realistically achievable for the client.
  • Relevant: the goal should comply with the coachee's needs, interests, abilities.
  • Time-bound: at the goal-setting the deadline by which the goal should be achieved has to be specified.

Possessing this information, what goal(s) would you set for yourselves for this summer? If you feel so, please feel free to share your ideas either here or in a private message! I will come back soon with the next part of this series of articles.

Károly Vizdák

business and life coach, motivational advisor


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