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If you want to change your lifestyle, then besides sufficient exercise you will also have to pay attention to the right nutrition. And well, it does really matter how you start your day, since the success of the next 12-15 hours hugely depends on how you started off. I have put together 15+1 points for you about why the right breakfast is of key importance to all of us. Are you ready for today's article?

1. Until the mid-late 1800's breakfast as a main course did not exist. The majority of people only grabbed some snacks, not contributing much significance to kicking off the day. However today fortunately in most homes it is impossible to imagine waking up without a proper breakfast.

2. If you choose your breakfast well, you will be eating healthier during the whole day. If already during breakfast you consume part of your daily fruit, vegetable or milk portion, you lay down the fundations for the success of the next hours as well. And since you will lose your sense of hunger, you will eat less snacks later during the day.

3. If you consume breakfast, your life will be healthier in general.

4. Breakfast will balance your blood sugar level.

5. Your energy level will increase.

6. Breakfast stimulates your brain. Thanks to the stable blood sugar level it will be easier for you to focus and process information.

7. Research proves that those skipping breakfast tend to have a higher BMI, so they are more likely to be threatened by obesity.

8. Also among them the occurrence of obesity related illnesses (type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease) is higher.

9. If you do not eat breakfast, you will be likely to consume a little bit more lunch, however this cannot make up for the calories missed at breakfast.

10. If your consume proper breakfast, your metabolism will kickstart, so it will be easier for you to burn energy even later during the day.

11. As per a 2012 research if you also consume some dessert after breakfast, during the diet it will be easier for you to lose extra weight.

12. The most important elements of our opening meal are fibers and proteins.

13. With a well put together breakfast, adults can usually cover 20-35% of their daily energy needs.

14. If you exercise in the morning, it is recommended to have breakfast 1-4 hours before, so that the meal would not have a harmful impact on the training programme.

15. The most popular fruit consumed for breakfast is banana: all around the world more than 1 billion pieces are eaten annually, appr. 50% of it in the morning.

+1 Fact: The world's most expensive breakfast ever could be consumed by the audience of West End's first ever play of Breakfast at Tiffany's. They could taste the special menu containing croissant covered by gold, blackcurrant jam, coffee, champagne and premium cocktails.

Are you ready to reform your meal? Tomorrow is your first day to consciously put together your healthy breakfast! Are you going to embrace the opportunity?

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