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Independently from calendar month, the problem of obesity is a worldwide phenomenon impacting huge masses, let it be any region of the Earth. Hungary is not an exception, either. As per the 2019 report of OECD we are the most overweight nation in Europe and No.5. in the world beyond the USA, Mexico, Chile and New Zealand. And the significant extra weight is just the beginning. Among the final negative consequences we can find cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases and various types of cancer. Researches have pointed out that 150 minutes of medium intensity workout per week could already prevent many tragedies. What can you do yourself to stay fit in the longer term as well? Today I have brought a few simple tips & hints for you, which you can also easily include in your daily routine.

In Hungary also more and more people try to consciously watch out for workout to be an integral part of their lives. But the solution is not this easy. The fundamental problem is that due to modern technology we are leading comfortable lives, due to our intense lifestyle the time we can spend on training is decreasing and sedentary lifestyle is demanding an ever increasing space. What is the simplest advice I can give you as a lifestyle change coach? Sit less and move more! And how exactly you can implement it in practice? Well, here are the 10 most important tips for you:

  • If you do not live far from your workplace, in the morning just walk there, forget about your car or public transport! This will not only benefit your health, but also the planet.
  • Even if you cannot walk to work, in the morning after getting up you can still walk around your flat. You will be guaranteed to get refreshed afterwards and start your day more energically.
  • Spend the half an hour of your lunchtime besides luch with walking!
  • Organize your professional meetings far from your desk, move while discussing business topics with your colleagues!
  • Stand up while talking on the phone! The most successful telesales people continuously stay on their feet while talking with clients.
  • During work use a desk of adjustable height! If instead of sitting you spend most of your day standing, you have already done something for your health.
  • Walk 20 minutes after having arrived home, before starting your home routine!
  • Walk with your partner, children and talk through what has happened to you during the day!
  • If you park your car, stop as far as possible from the entrance of your destination. This way you will be forced to walk the road in between!
  • Wherever you can, avoid escalators, elevators and use stairs instead! The change might be painful, but your body will be really grateful for it.

It is not so difficult to keep these advices, is it? If you include only 1 each week into your daily schedule, after 2 and a half months you can say goodbye to a significant ratio of your bad habits. And possibly after this you will be able to engage in more intensive forms of movement even more easily. It is never too late. If you feel like I can help you with further tips, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Together we can start your journey towards a healthier life!

Friendly regards,

Károly Vizdák

lifestyle change, business & life coach

motivational advisor


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