Born to be a winner


There are tests in the lives of all of us. What has been the biggest challenge of your year so far? Have you managed to overcome it? What helped you in this?

As per the saying: You win a few, and you lose a few... still you might as well also have a few friends who apparently always win a few. Would you also like to be similar to them? How will you also become a winner type of person? Following these 12 points can help you:

  • YOU HAVE A CLEAR GOAL: If you set goals, you clearly define what you want from life. Although each second offers you ten billions of opportunities to choose from, if you exactly know where you want to go, then through the right choices you can maximize the chances of success.
  • YOU ARE WILLING TO DO EVERYTHING TO REACH YOUR GOALS: Everything? Yes, everything - within the reasonable limitations. You do not have any excuses any more, no unexpected event can stop you. You might have to face previously not seen obstacles, but you move along until you reach your goals.
  • YOU KNOW WHY YOU WANT TO SUCCEED: How would you like to develop yourself? Intellectually? If you want to increase your knowledge, you can take part in education or read books! Financially? If you want to earn more money, change your job, learn a new profession, increase your passive wealth or look for new working methods! Or you probably would like to improve your health state? Exercise more, ear healthy or rest more!
  • YOU ARE PATIENT: Good things take time. Let's have a look at the example of John Wooden, the famous US basketball coach and player, the wizard of Westwood! Already when in 1948 he became the lead coach of his team, he felt that it would be worth staying patient. Although during his 27 year long coach career he won the national league ten times, he had to wait until the 16th season for his first championship. But he always knew that one day they would reach the top, so he never gave up.
  • YOU PLAN AHEAD: If you do so, you will be more productive, set more realistic goals, stress less, become more organized and feel extraordinary. Through all these, you are on a direct path to success.
  • YOU PREPARE FOR SETBACKS: In many cases even the lives of the most successful people are broken in half by a number of failures. Oprah Winfrey, the famous media personality was raised in deep poverty and at the age of 14 she lost her baby after having given birth. Despite her initial struggles later she became unprecedentedly popular. Thomas Edison, the successful inventor had failed more than 10000 times before the electric lightbulb was born. And István Kovács, the Hungarian boxing legend also almost quit sport after a defeat, still in the 1996 Olympic Games of Atlanta he won the gold medal. If you really want to succeed, never ever give up!
  • YOU THINK FLEXIBLY: You might not happen to fulfill your dreams the way you originally had planned. You can choose from a number of options to finally consume your fate, the point is to stay flexible till the very end.
  • YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOUR DREAMS: Believe that you can reach your goals, make plans! Do not settle for less than the best! Love yourself, keep the level your motivation high, keep your faith even through the hardest times!
  • YOU BUILD ON YOUR PASSIONS: Certainly before building upon them, you have to find them. What do you believe in? What do you like doing the most? Search for them, identify your passions and spend some time on polishing them perfect! If you do something with love, wholeheartedly, your chances of becoming successful will be much higher!
  • YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE: "I can be grateful for many things. I am healthy, happy and I am loved" -says the popular country singer, Reba McEntire. Yes, it is this simple. Many times appreciating the littlest things mean much more than attempting to rule the whole world.
  • YOU DO NOT LOOK FOR EXCUSES: You can easily say: "I was not keen on getting up early today" or "I rather watched TV than having run around the house", but it all adds up in the long run. Do not look for excuses, do whatever is the best for you! Because only you know what that is.
  • YOU SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE: It is easier to reach your goals in the company of the right people. "Never be a parrot. It talks too much and cannot fly high. Be rather an eagle, who quietly reaches the sky."

The winner is there within you. Be a winner! Everything starts with the first step. Take it today!

Friendly regards,

Károly Vizdák

lifestyle change & career coach

motivational advisor

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