Believe in yourself and success is guaranteed - in lifestyle change as well!


How many times have you heard that once you believe in yourself, success will come knocking on your door? Many times, haven't you? Let it be career change, beginning of a new relationship... but the same can be true about lifestyle change as well. Why is it that once you believe in the final success , then it is almost guaranteed in advance? Today I will show you how important the belief in yourself is if you are longing for a fitter, new life and how easily you can reach your goals if the basics are laid down properly. You are coming with me today, aren't you?

Self-efficacy. The belief in yourself. The belief in yourself that you can regularly exercise actively and you will stick to healthy nutrition. The level of self-efficacy and lifestyle change have a mutual impact on each other: the former influences if you start the progamme, while whether you hold on will strongly influence the level of your self-efficacy. Have you not yet thought about lifestyle change at all or are you just considering it? In this case most likely the level of your belief in yourself is much lower than that of your fellows who have already been active for a few months or more than 6 months. If you have the stamina, the level of your self-efficacy is guaranteed to increase, you will move much quicker towards the desired new life. The more you believe in reaching your goals, the less weaker you will get in the moments of temptation.

Do you have an okay level of self-efficacy? 5 main pillars, based on which you can decide yourself:

  • Your past exercise experiences: if you have already been successful, why wouldn't you be able to get back in shape again easily?
  • The successes of others: should there be someone around you - whether it is a family member or a friend who has already achieved strong results, you can easily follow in their footsteps as well - especially if you are otherwise similar in many other aspects as well.
  • Encouraging sentences: if you hear positive, motivating words from a person you consider credible, your belief in yourself can dramatically increase.
  • Your own negative self-perception: if you have not treated yourself well for a long time and exercised too little, you might as well be in persistent bad mood. At these times you might as well tend to continuously depreciate yourself using negative sentences. Please do not do this! The opportunity of a better future also lies there within you.
  • Your preliminary thoughts about lifestyle change: if you continuously form negative thoughts about change in advance, failure is guaranteed and the level of your self-efficacy can drastically fall. But if you already consider new opportunities as positive events, then you are only one step away from success: you only need to start!

If you have self-efficacy, you will be successful! How can you prove it yourself? You will learn it from:

  • Your task choice: the more you believe in yourself, the more likely you will choose more difficult, challenging tasks.
  • The energy you put in: once you treat yourself well, there is a bigger chance that you will put maximum energy in in all areas of lifestyle change.
  • Your stamina: once your self-efficacy level is higher, you will face challenges braver and hold on till the end.

Are you also considering changing your lifestyle? Now is the perfect time for you to start! Call me or write to me still today and I will lead you through the complete process! Put yourself finally first, so that in the end as a result of your hard and dedicated work you can also shout out happily: yes, I have made it!

Wam regards,

Károly Vizdák

lifestyle change, business & life coach

motivational advisor

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