8 things that the year 2018 has taught me


2018 is just about to end. In the end of the year, most of us think through what has happened to us this year and put together a kind of summary about the positive and negative events. I am not an exception myself either. I have created a list of 8 points containing what this past year taught me. Please welcome this not at all complete list, hopefully being beneficial to many of you!

1. OPEN UP TO THE WORLD! If a person you do not deeply know, but being sympathetic invites you for a lunch, just say yes! You can never know what long term cooperation or friendship can evolve from the meeting. If you reject them and later things go wrong, you will never know what would have happened if you had given them a chance. But if you meet each other and the chemistry is great between you, wonders can happen.

2. TRY AGAIN! If someone is unable to see your worth at first, do not give up! Although the first impression is very important, you might need to get to know each other a little bit better in order to realize the potential hiding within each other. This year I did work on a project, which I could start off only after having applied for the third time. Certainly it would have been better to succeed for the first try, but you never need to give up: it is possible that just for some reason your time is yet to come!

3. NEVER SAY NEVER! In 2017, at the age of 35 I successfully finished my first half marathon. For many people it might be weird at first glance since I was not really a teenager any more, when I decided to participate in a race, most people would have given up on such dreams long time ago. After my first race I had to take some rest, but I did not lose my will: in the spring of 2018, when almost everything was against repeating my success, I managed to pass the finish line again. Because I really wanted to. The lesson: similarly to many areas of life, stamina always brings its rewards in sports.

4. DO NOT WORK WHILE BEING ON HOLIDAYS! This year I experienced the uncomfortable situation of having to work two times during my well -in-advance-planned holidays. And on both occassions it was a task, which I was not keen on working on, I felt in advance that I should have said no and chosen full relaxation. Never take on responsibilities, which you are not fully dedicated to, if you are being on holidays!

5. YOU NEED A MENTOR... Even though you might be very talented, sooner or later you will realize that it is tough alone and everything goes much more smoothly when being in a team. Let it be any area of your life, you will need a mentor, a supporter, who will help in 100% exploring the potential hidden within you. I first experienced in relation to sports, but this year the same happened when working on building my enterprise. Choose yourself someone who will provide you maximum support even in your worst moments!

6. AND DREAMS DO COME TRUE! One of my favourite bands in my teenage years was the US alternative rock band, The Goo Goo Dolls. Their hit song Iris, soundtrack to the movie City of Angels was leading all American airplay charts for long weeks in the end of the nineties. As time passed, I would never ever have thought that I would have the chance to see them live once in my life. But this year, approxmately 20 years later this also happened: I gained unforgettable memories in their concert in Sziget Festival in 2018.

7. HELP OFTEN COMES FROM THE MOST UNEXPECTED SOURCE. Have you already had a desire, which you were nursing for a long time, but the right moment never ever came? I did... and the most interesting point in the whole story for me is that this year I gained support from a source that I had never ever thought about before. The lesson: believe in the providence of life and if you express your desires at the right place in the right time, they will come true!

8. APPRECIATE THE ONES STANDING BESIDE YOU! If you are lucky, you have many family members and friends who will keep you company, support you in good and bad times, in times of success and failure. Still I tell you: choose a precious few, with whom you mutually will be there for each other at all times and concentrate on them with exceptional attention! Believe me: the energy put in will pay back! I am grateful for the enthusiastic team, who have stood beside me this year as well and helped me realize my wildest dreams or at least start out in the right direction! Thank you all!

What lessons has the year 2018 brought to you? Do you already know what you would like to change in 2019? Come with me in the new year as well and let's work for our goals together! Let 2019 be the most unforgettable year of your life!

Warm regards,

Károly Vizdák

lifestyle change, business & life coach

motivational advisor


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