5 tips why you should read the book 'What I wish I knew when I was 20'


Tina L. Seelig's book 'What I wish I knew when I was 20!' has been available in the Hungarian bookstores since the beginning of February. The famous professor of Stanford University's Department of Management Science wrote her really successful masterpiece years ago, which has since lead the charts of bestsellers in numerous countries of the world, among others in the United States and Japan. The unique book also caught my attention and since it had not been translated into Hungarian previously, in the beginning of last year I decided to do the job. After more than a year of background work now you can also grab and read the bestseller in Hungarian, which as I can sincerely confess, also taught me a lot. But which were its most important messages to me? Without aiming to give an exhaustive list here a 5 of them, which might also catch your attention so you'll start reading it!


What would you do if you got the task to earn as much money as possible within 2 hours, with 5 dollars available? Would you leave for Las Vegas or open a car wash? You also agree that it is worth thinking big, don't you? When the university students of the author were facing this challenge, all of them started to look for the solution in really creative ways. There was a team, which discovered that Saturday evenings it is really difficult to get free tables in top restaurants and managed to gain a significant revenue through this problem. Another group of students initiated a free bicycle wheel pressure measurement action in front of the university. And what type of idea did the members of the team producing the highest profit have? If you read Chapter 1, you will also get familiar with it!


Has it already happened to you that you really wanted to grab an opportunity, in the end still you were not selected? If yes, you need to familiarize yourself with the story of John Stiggelbout! The young guy decided to apply for the business university in the very last minute, it was so late that he even missed the deadline for application. But John did not give up his dreams and chose a really unusual method to reach his goal. He asked one of his former teachers for a letter of reference, who introduced himself as John's best friend and cell mate. Get to know the content of the letter and find out how the story of the young talent ended up!


"Tina L. Seelig President". This stood on the business card of the book's author when she launched her own enterprise. You think it's a little too brave step right at the beginning? I can assure you: no. Do not wait until it comes into someone's mind to promote you - appoint yourself! Would you like to write your own book or start an own enterprise? Possibly even your best friends will try to discourage you, but be ambitious and stand by your goals through everything! If you believe in yourself and authorize yourself, sooner or later you will reach your goal!


Do you continuously put together a list of your successes? Well, there is one even more useful thing: this is putting together a failure diary. Even the most successful people have to face losses at times, what's more: many believe that without failures there are no real results. During her life Tina L. Seelig for example hit the bottom while leading her enterprise, she did not always put enough energy into studying and during her university years she broke up with the person being closest to her. She noted all these events in her failure diary, so now we can also gain insight to her hardest moments. Today she already happily promotes: you might have failed in solving a problem, in a given life situation, but never blame yourself for the failure, because it is just a temporary defeat, all in all you are still a very valuable human being!


What are you the most talented at? And are you working in the area where you are at home the most? If yes, are your efforts really appreciated? Nathan Furr started his career as an English language professor, but he soon had to realize that his possibilities in this direction are limited. He figured out that he would never get the salary thanks to which he would be able to live at the level he was dreaming of and he could start a big family as per his dreams. Have you also already been in such a situation? Well, Nathan found the way to reach his goals, he fought for being able to live the life he had always wanted. How did he manage? This is what I wish I also knew when I was 20!

The above 5 examples are just a few tiny thoughts from the more than 150 pages long success story, which promises interesting moments and lessons to learn for all age groups. If you read it, you will also fins the 5, 10 or probably 20 messages most important for you - I am sure that you will also learn from them. And if you also didn't know this when you were 20? Start reading the book still today! Because it's never too late to become who you might have been!

Friendly regards,

Károly Vizdák

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