5 tips for a better Christmas


Almost all of us have been waiting for this moment for weeks, and now it is almost here! Christmas. When we can put aside all our ordinary fights, dress up our hearts and 100% turn towards each other. We are all different and have different customs of celebrating. Here are a few tips, with the help of which all of us can enjoy happier, more complete holidays! Merry Christmas to everyone!

1. STOP FOR A MOMENT! For most of our fellows most days of the year mean continuous struggles. Fights for survival, tackling the hardships arising from our everyday problems, fights for the happiness of our families, a more beautiful future. We spend more than 360 days of the year in the shadow of work, the unstoppable hamster wheel. Why don't you try to slow down at least for Christmas a bit, put aside all professional stuff and live every festive moment in its unique beauty?

2. TURN TOWARDS YOUR FAMILY, YOUR LOVED ONES! Those of you having a family can say they are lucky. Still many people tend to forget in the big-big rush how big treasure they possess. Let Christmas be the celebration of love, when we finally listen to each other, spend unforgettable minutes together. You can also visit those relatives of yours, for whom you have not had time during the year, you can share the most beautiful experiences of the year and you can be happy for each other.

3. REMEMBER YOUR FRIENDS! Friends. The ones who either near us, visibly or from far away, invisibly follow our fates during the whole year. Since real friendship does not know borders. Either we meet every day or more thousands of kilometers separate us, Christmas is a perfect occasion to get together again, call each other or in the worst case, let each other know in a message how much we mean to one another. Since we are the ones who did choose each other to share our lives, why should the probably most important holiday of the year be an exception?

4. RECHARGE YOUR BATTERIES AND FIND TIME FOR YOUR FAVOURITE HOBBIES! In the everyday rush many of us struggle with never having the time to get enough sleep or find enough time for their favourite free time activities! Stop! At least at Christmas be a little more selfish and think about yourself a little as well! Instead of the usual 6 am, get up at 8 am, you can allow it to yourself now! You might end up in 1 serving less on the festive table or finishing decorating the Christmas tree half an hour later, but getting enough sleep is very important as well! And if you have finished handing over the presents, you can steal 1 hour to devote it to your favourite hobbies! Finally you can read a bit, paint a beautiful picture or enjoy playing board games with your loved ones!

5. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR HEALTH! There are people for whom Christmas is equal to binge-eating... Be the one who does it differently! Pay attention to what you eat, since healthy lifestyle stands for 365 days of the year. Enjoy eating, but consciuosly and concentrate on the quality as well! And if you can, please do not give up on exercising, either! Your favourite fitness facility might be closed or the bad weather can hold you back from doing outdoor activities, but for a few push-ups, sit-ups or other home exercises you can still find the necessary 30 minutes! Just half an hour per day, and you will already feel better!

What idea do YOU have to make your festive minutes even more happier?

I wish you a cosy, peaceful Christmas among your loved ones!

Károly Vizdák

lifestyle change, business & life coach

motivational advisor


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