10 milestones from 2019, which I will remember for long


It's 30 December, almost officially goodbye 2019! This year has been full of twists in my life, with numerous significant events. I have collected them in one review article for you. Please welcome my year-end summary in 10 points!

1. COACHING - NEW CHALLENGES: In 2019 I have again had the chance to work together with numerous clients. I would like to thank you for your trust, I hope you also enjoyed the common work as much as I did. It was an enormous happiness for me to see your development, the way you set new and new targets week after week and managed to implement them through desparate attempts.

2. OWN WORKSHOPS: This year I launched my own workshops, the main topic of which has been lifestyle change. In 2019 we gathered together on 3 occasions in Cosmic Latte 13 to talk about the challenges of healthy lifestyle with the enthusiastic participants and start our journey together towards a more complete life.

3. MEETUP - LET'S GET TOGETHER: In December my first meetup, Follow your Fire! was organized. The event provided excellent frames to discover our most important passions, through living which we can implement our dreams and be really happy.

4. MEDIA EXPOSURE: On 18 March I was honoured to be the guest of Duna Television's morning programme Család-barát, where the two hosts, Dia Somogyi and Csaba Csalami were asking me about diet, its main motivations and pitfalls. I am grateful for the invitation for the creators of the magazine!

5. WHAT I WISH I KNEW WHEN I WAS 20: In February my first own book translation was published, the Hungarian language edition of Tina Seelig's self-help bestseller. The world famous professor of Stanford University's Faculty for Management Science and Engineering wrote the original version years ago, which after the charts of the United States and Japan this year also conquered Hungary.

6. SPEED DATE - IN COACHING AS WELL: In the spring I participated in the speed date organized by the biggest domestic coach federation, ICF's Hungarian chapter and the Metropolitan University, where more than 50 coaches and even more university students met to pair up and get to know each other. During the event I also found my own 'other half', with whom then I could work together for more months in the frames of a pro bona coaching process.

7. EDUCATION: In the beginning of the year I had the opportunity to study in European Sport & Life Academy's Sport Nutrition and Food Supplements course, so that later I could utilize the gathered knowledge in my workshops, coaching processes.

8. SELF DEVELOPMENT: Although it was not always easy to find the time, this year again I have read numerous interesting books. From these I would recommend you the one from MentorTribe called the Y model, Robin Sharma's The Saint, The Surfer and the CEO and Who will cry when you die and Jack Canfield's classic, the Success principles.

9. MONDAY EVENING POSTS: During 2019 it has become a regular habit that I published a new post every Monday around 9 pm on the biggest social media site. Thank you for following me during the whole year.

10. BLOG ARTICLES: From my most popular articles I would like to highlight 2. My most read 2019 post introduced you to the lifestyle change story of Imagine Dragons' singer, Dan Reynolds. Also of great popularity was the 2018 More careers at the same time? - Yes, it's possible!, which I wrote based on my own experiences.

Thank you for your appreciation during the whole year! I hope that I managed to transfer some useful knowledge to all of you either in person or on my social media sites. If yes, then please join me in 2020 again, I am looking forward to meeting you at the next stations of our common journey!

Friendly regards,

Károly Vizdák

lifestyle change, business & life coach

motivational advisor


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