A brand new life? Beyond the comfort zone!


Summer is here again and yes: sooner or later many of you will face the daunting reality, which not even a well-chosen swimwear is able to hide. Although most people start thinking in these cases, still there are very few who in the end really commit themselves to making actual changes.

Should you also be dissatisfied with your looks, your body, then I have excellent news for you: with hard work nothing is impossible for you, either and I am 100% confident about this based on my own experiences. I had been wishing for more sporty, more fit looks and of course the accompanying healthier lifestyle since I was a teenager. Still my dreams became reality after having waited very long, well after the age of 30.

So what is the recipe for successful lifestyle change? In today's article I will share my own one, touching upon 6 main points. Feel free to use it yourselves as well!


1. INTERNAL MOTIVATION: usually this is the most basic factor encouraging you for a successful lifestyle change. The need for change should be originating from yourself and should not happen due to external pressure. Your partner or your colleagues might suggest that it's high time for you to start exercising, but if you do not want to change, you are not ready for the new life, then all good advices mean nothing.

2. COMING TO A DECISION: as I mentioned, for long years my health was of secondary importance for me and I was only hoping for the promise of a more energetic, more complete life. I needed and you would also need an event in the end to push us out of our comfort zone and motivate us for reaching a decision. In my case this something was trying a rapid test at home, which showed that I used to be sensitive to at least a dozen different types of food. When I got to know this, I became aware of the fact that I would have to do something. And I made a step forward, I came to a decision, from where there was no turning back any more. In the end my story took such a lucky turn that 3 years later after having taken part in a proper laboratory examination I was recognized not being sensitive to any foods.

3. WELL DEFINED, REALISTIC GOALS: if you say: "I would like to lose weight" or "I would like to feel better", it is very great and wonderful, but not concrete enough. At the same time, if you want to run a marathon within a month's time without any prior sports past, you have set an irrealistic goal. Well-defined goals have to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound (this is reflected by the abbreviation SMART based on the English initials, which is often used in coaching). A well-defined goal looks like this: "In 6 months' time within 30 minutes I will run 5 kms on Margaret Island or by 31st August, thanks to exercising 4x60 minutes every week I will lose 5 kgs. How much easier it is to reach well-measurable results with realistic goals, isn't it?

4. FINANCIAL RESOURCES: however hard we would like to overlook this, we have to talk about this factor as well. In order to achieve results, you will have to financially invest into your lifestyle change on some level as well. Everyone has to find the solution best fitting their wallets themselves: you can buy a sportpass, DVDs to help exercising at home or some professional literature providing you with tips and hints. But even if you choose the probably cheapest option, running, you will need a pair of comfortable, quality training shoes.

5. THE HELP OF A MENTOR, SUPPORTER: although your decision about the lifestyle change should esentially come from the inside, the chances of success are much higher if you initiate the change not alone, but in a team. Everyone will have moments when they run out of motivation and in these cases it is helpful when someone stands besides them helping them through the tough periods. It can be an experienced personal trainer, a health coach, but even your best friend or sibling, who 'holds your hand' and encourages you not to give up. It is not a secret that I also asked for professional help in the beginning and the cooperation was so successful that me and my 'motivator' have now become really great friends . Had I not had him in my life, I might not have ever thought about running a half marathon and for this I am extremely grateful.

6. PERSISTANCE: I left this factor for the end, although it is of much bigger importance. In the beginning of the whole process of lifestyle change there will surely be moments when you get weak and would prefer to let it all go. Possibly you will change your workplace in the meantime or you will have a new life partner who will not bear thinking about training. But even in these cases, you should always have your goals in mind: your own health, the desired body and the more complete, happier life achievable through the lifestyle change. It will not always be easy, but I can promise you: in the end it will be worth it.

Can you quote the recipe for success? What for the first try might seem impossible is not like that all, right? Try yourself still today! As a health coach I am happy to support you in reaching your goals of lifestyle change. If in the next few days you are one of the first 3 people approaching me with a request of this type, now you can get my helping support on a discounted price of 10, 000 HUF/60 minutes. Just call +36302781905 or write to me at info@karolyvizdakcoach.hu! How can I help you?

Károly Vizdák

business and life coach


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